Where it began...

Eyes open on one of the many ‘3 a.m. self-reflection’ sleepless nights during the nightmare that has been the year 2020; our overarching idea was to create 'a successful sustainable company'. After the initial “wow! Imagine the change in lifestyle!” excitement, it dawned on us that
“if we create a successful company, we could actually do a lot of good”.

This has been the driving force for the Agavana mission statement…..
It is great to have a potentially successful idea for a business, but bringing it to reality is challenging to a couple of ‘budding novice entrepreneurs’. And we are still ‘learning by doing! ’We know the business we want to create…we even have a name!….but where to start?

At Agavana the only thing that we are ‘promising’ is that we will do our very best to achieve our goals.

So where does the 'doing a lot of good' start?

We will try our best to contribute to the improvement of the economy in South Australia(With an intention to help with the whole Australian economy in the future).

We will try our best to use locally sourced materials where possible.

We will try our best to be ecologically responsible and sustainable in everything we do.

Yes, but that is what most companies are striving for these days.... what else will you do?

"After many years teaching in some of the most disadvantaged areas of Adelaide, it has been a constant source of dismay at the ‘lost potential of youth’. Where students have much to offer, but are curtailed in their success just because they happen to attend schools in a particular post code."

(Mike Stott, Director and Co-Founder Agavana)

At Agavana we will try our best to foster the potential of all students and young people. Initially targeting those who are classed as ‘under privileged and disenfranchised’. (This is the last time that I will use this ‘label’).As we grow, we will seek to employ and develop young people from all demographics. As we grow, we will offer to place students during their ‘work experience’ in Year 10. This will include direct exposure to business operations, finance, manufacture and logistics.

We want to also foster the talent of young artists to be involved with products and prints we can include with our business to showcase local talent and be able to give platforms to advertise their work.

"What do you actually do"?

Initially we plan to manufacture (handmade), ecologically responsible candle and wax products.

This will be accompanied by other related eco-friendly and sustainable accessories.

We will endeavour to extend the product offering to include hand-made soap products that contain ‘all natural’ ingredients. After that?

Well we will see what happens!

"A year we all want to forget"

I don’t think that 2020 is a year that anyone will look back on fondly. Apart from the obvious personal issues; this year has had a major economic effect on many small businesses. We initially wanted to create Agavana in 2021 as a ‘fresh start’, but on reflection we think that we can use the monogram ‘Est. MMXX’ with pride to show our resilience to the year we all want to end!